Saturday, July 18, 2009

If It's Good Enough To Eat...

...Then It's Good Enough To Wear! This has been a philosophy of mine for a long time. I needed that as a comfortable way to deal with the sloppiness that I had eating (and still do cooking). I don't know at what point I outgrew wearing my food but I remember while I was pregnant with The Prairie Kid it came back in full force. What is it about pregnancy that crazy things like that happen? Are we so ravenously hungry that we are going too fast? Are we so "scatter brained" that we can't find our mouth? All I know is that most of my maternity clothes had stains on them right where my shelf-of-a-belly caught the food. Oh the days.
But now the little tiger that came out of my belly is enjoying his food. The Prairie Daddy got us started on making a s'more in the microwave. I let The Prairie Kid have one last night. I think there was enough left over on his hand and face that I could have had one too.

I am still so excited to have my camera back!

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