Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hot Date

I haven't had much motivation to blog lately. I think it mostly has to do with the hay season keeping The Prairie Daddy so occupied that it is more of a struggle on the home front. We're doing well but it is definitely different. I have longed to spend some time with The Prairie Daddy, so finally yesterday I hired a sitter for a couple of hours and went out to sit in the swather. I know, I know, you're jealous of the fantastic date I had with my husband. There's just nothing like going back and forth and back and forth in a John Deere. Exciting and adventurous, eh?

I actually really like riding in or even driving the swather. We got a new one this year too! I have yet to drive it. I am hesitant to do so. I doubt that needs explanation.

Here is the view from my seat

And The Prairie Daddy was moving this side roll...a very long sprinkler. The rows of cut hay are called windrows.

And the back of The Prairie Mama's head as she watches

I am not sure how many more days of first cutting we have left but I am thinking I am ready for it to be over! Thankfully today I got to take The Prairie Kid swimming with friends and Monday night is GIRL'S NIGHT OUT!!! Woo hoo!

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