Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Best Anniversary Present

The Prairie Daddy swept me off my feet for our anniversary this year. He planned a really, really special adventure. He took me on a flight over our ranches and the local area. What a treat! A wonderful man from church worked with The Prairie Daddy to take us out on our adventure in his plane.

The Men had to chat about The Plane before we headed out


Come on, pull that plane outta the hanger!
All set in the back seat
After taking off we headed to Carter Mountain to fly over Foster Reservoir where we can store water on the mountain

And we headed to our ranch...this picture shows the creek bottom and you can barely make out where the shop, barn, etc. is...
See our house?

A picture of much of our ranch...see our house this time?

Flying over the Absaroka Mountains toward the end of the South Fork
The Buffalo Bill Reservoir coming down the South Fork of the Shoshone River
This is flying over the ranch The Prairie Daddy grew up on and where we got married

And a field being burned


We have a lot of video that I may actually get around to looking at sometime in my 80's so if I am still blogging at that point I might post some of it for you. There were lots more pictures but this is what I will leave you with for this post!

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