Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ochos Años

Eight years ago today The Prairie Daddy and I made a covenant relationship with each other in the presence of our friends and family and the Lord. Under an amazing blue sky and the backdrop of beautiful palisades in the Rattlesnake Creek canyon on the ranch The Prairie Daddy grew up on we said our vows.

I am blessed with an incredible husband. The road isn't always easy and there were tough climbs to accomplish (and there will be more) but it keeps getting better. Prairie Daddy, I love you. You are an awesome man, a wonderful husband, a superb daddy. I am proud to call you my best friend. You make me laugh. You challenge me to be better. You are gracious. You are loyal and committed. You are willing. You are humble. You are generous. I am so glad I married you and I look forward to the many more years that we'll get to share.

And Lord, thank You. Thank You for knowing exactly what kind of a husband I needed. Thank You for guiding and growing us. Thank You for the man that you blessed me with. Thank You for being involved in our marriage and teaching us about covenant relationships. Thank You for the covenant relationship You've offered us so that we can have victory in the one we committed to together.


Miss Brenda said...

The STP's daughter wants to get married on your ranch! (But first she will have to find someone to marry.) Until then, she will be here just this week, and so Thursday evening is our last chance to put our new markmanship skills to the test together. Otherwise, will have to do this after Labor Day. Happy Anniversary to you and the Prairie Dad.

Amanda said...

I didn't know your anni. was on the 1st! Ours is on the 6th. We should start doing something together.

Prairie Mama said...

Miss Brenda, I am sorry we didn't get to have you and your daughter put your skills to the test together but she can still get married on the ranch! : ) I am finding we just need to set a date or we might still be trying to get you out here at Christmas! (not so good for prairie dog hunting!)

Janinei said...

I remember that day! How lovely it was and I am proud of you all! Good job!

Beck said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful testimony to God's grace. The pictures are so pretty it looks like it was an amazing day.

I hope you're feeling stronger everyday.