Monday, December 7, 2009

Back Tracking

Did I ever tell you that I was gone for 10 days over Thanksgiving? The Prairie Kid and I took off early to visit some college friends and their 3 adorable kiddos. It was a nice time. I wish we lived closer. And then we headed to my moms where both my sisters and their families joined up with us. The Prairie Daddy came in the day before Thanksgiving. We all had a great time together. Other than wanting my own bed and a little more space I didn't really want to come home. Here are some fun pics of our trip:

My sister being a Super Toddler's Mom

My mom and all her grandsons!
Matching PJ's from Abuelita!

My sister's "helpers"

The little guy has big shoes to fill! (Literally!)
Miss you all already. Had a great time!

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