Sunday, December 13, 2009

Better Off

Well, he finally did it. The Prairie Daddy had been talking about putting an ad in the paper for Jack to find a new home. I didn't know if he would do it or not since we've had Jack with us for 9 months and it hadn't happened yet. But Jack has been continually causing problems, including for our brother's dog, enticing him to run off with him and be naughty.

The Prairie Daddy had a good talk with The Prairie Kid about it. He did an awesome job of including his son in the decision, knowing that a 4 year old might not quite understand. But The Prairie Kid agreed and is looking forward to finding a dog that fits ranch life a little better in the future.

I think the ad went out in the paper Friday. There was a call that day from some ladies who used to have a dog of that same mixed breed and were very interested. They seemed to be the types that spend much time with their animals and even take on rescue dogs. They came to meet Jack yesterday morning and took him home with them. I wasn't around for the "transaction" and I think that was a blessing because I might have been a bit emotional. The Prairie Kid didn't seem to care to much and I think we all know that Jack will probably be better off.

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