Tuesday, December 22, 2009

'Tis The Season

of busyness and more busyness. I thought it was due time for a blog update.

We have been busy. Some days too busy, other days recouping from the "too busy" days. I don't know anyone who isn't busy this time of year. And if we don't have Christmas programs, bake sales, parties, and the like, we fill our plates with baking, decorating, and more of the like. I fit into both categories this year. As if The Prairie Kid's Christmas program, school party, the Moms Together Bake Sale, the church caroling night, and the Community Christmas Dinner wasn't enough. I decided I should coordinate sponsors for 20 kids that I knew were from families in need. And then there is the offer to host Christmas Eve with our friends. Oh, and as if that all isn't enough, why not start a job?

Now see the next post. : )

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