Saturday, December 5, 2009

Final Touches...Minus The Big Tree

The Prairie Kid was surprised when he got home. He is having fun playing with this singing sheep dog that a boss of mine gave me years ago. It is one of those gifts that annoys the heck out of you but you love it. : )

I don't know if I like the look on The Prairie Kid's face or The Prairie Daddy's in this picture better. They are both fun!
And we put the nativity out.
It is up high on a shelf because I think within arms reach would be too tempting to play with.
I just love this scene. Although we know the wise men weren't really there until Jesus was a bit older. I wonder when they ended up in the nativity scene. Hmmm. Anyways, I can't imagine the awe in the eyes of Joseph and Mary. And the sheperds, who were likely just young men. Imagine this group of young teens staring in the face of God in a babe knowing that everything was about to change. I think it will be wonderful if God shows us the "video" of this night in heaven some day.
And then The Prairie Kid got to put the mouse on the right day of the calendar. Last year this wasn't an interest to him but I think this year it will be a highlight.

It is fun to create traditions for our children. It almost makes me feel like a child again myself.

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Beck said...

Looks like fun! Holidays shared with family are so special! How fun to surprise Tade, the look on his face says it all!