Saturday, March 6, 2010

Do I Know How?

I barely know how to blog anymore. It isn't a lack of things going on but are there things to share? I'm sure if I think into the last busy weeks there would be great stories but I am going at a pace that reflection is challenging! And time doesn't allow as things happen to sit down and tell you about them! Also, the nature of my experiences has changed so much. Instead of the Prairie Adventures it is Adventures of Church Ministry. Wouldn't be so appropriate to share much of my new adventures. Posting funny stories of other peoples kids or sharing their journey...uh, inappropriate to say the least!

I can however share about me. I am learning a lot. I am enjoying this new adventure although many days I am exhausted. My back seems to be where my body dumps the stress so I am trying to figure out how to best deal with that. Core exercises are the first effort I am attempting; along with sitting on an exercise ball while I work on the computer.

The Lord faithfully and continually reminds me that He wants to work through me and in me. He rebukes me when I try to do the work. However, I am well aware of my willing obedience to participate in the process. He has allowed me already to walk through some pretty rough terrain but as I am making progress on the path I realize that He has provided all of what I need and a whole lot more. Do you know the song "More Than Enough?" I am living in that. He is a lavish God and continually provides more than I petition and pray for with thanksgiving (Phil 4:6).

I am so thankful for the people I work with. Again, God has given more than I asked and I am continually grateful for the support I have, the fun we have, and the unity we're experiencing as we each obey God in the different call on our life. I enjoy playing ping-pong between staff meetings and teasing each other to break up the details during the meeting. We have laughed a lot.

I have cried some too. Not surprising considering I am the Queen of Crying. I am learning to yield more, honor more, delegate more, and pray more. What great things to learn. I still am in awe that God would let me be a part of His Big Story. I am still in awe that He uses the least of us. I am still in awe about Him. He is amazing.

Now that I am getting into the swing of this blog post I feel like I might have more to share in other posts! We'll have to see if time will allow. I do miss you!

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