Saturday, March 13, 2010

Oh Please Let This Be It!

We were in "need" of a new bed. I put quotations around "need" because what is a true need? Something you can't live without. We can live without a new bed. So technically we were in "want" of a new bed. However, my back has been bad in the old one and it was caving in. Sure, it is still much, much more than the majority of people around the earth get to sleep on. That makes me sad. The other thing that makes me sad is having to go to the chiropractor/acupuncturist every other day. A different kind of sad? Yes. But sad all the same.

The chiropractor recommended a good, plain mattress. No foam. No pillow top. No air. No water. No frills.

I saw a deal coming through Costco on a Sealy Posturepedic. It was a regular mattress but had latex foam on the top. I did a bunch of research. Iasked people about their beds. I didn't come up with a clear consensus. The deal was awesome, the return policy was awesome; we went and bought the bed.

I was so excited that The Prairie Daddy willingly helped rearrange mattresses up from the upstairs to the basement and so forth until we had our bed ready late that first night. I was thrilled when I nestled into the new bed. And it was a king! SPACE!!! YAY!

I didn't sleep well. My back hurt pretty bad. Same with the next night, and the next, and so on. By the 6th night the old queen was hauled 2 stories down and put on the new king box springs. I slowly began sleeping better but my back still isn't right. : (

I did a bunch more research. I was getting discouraged. Finally, I had peace about a mattress online. The Prairie Daddy said to call on it. I did. It was $100 LESS then the first one! Whoa!

Yesterday we drove the 2 1/2 hours to the nearest Costco and took the new bed back. Then we went to Denver Mattress where our new mattress (without foam, pillow top, air, water, frills) awaited lengthy trial runs on the floor. The Mattress Man fitted me for a pillow and evaluated my sleeping positions. I got into trouble. I guess I am a naughty sleeper.

We came home with another new bed and new pillows. I slept okay. My back didn't hurt but my shoulders and neck are mad at me for trying to sleep "right." Should just take some getting used to. You don't rest well when you're constantly in check of your sleeping position.

Please, Lord, please...let this be it! I just want to sleep well with no back aches and definitly no more mattress hauling!

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Amanda said...

GIve yourself at least a month to somewhat adjust. You've been sleeping on a sagging mattress for a long time and now your body has to get back into the right "pose".