Sunday, March 7, 2010

Here's One For Ya

I was sitting in the office yesterday on the phone with my sister. The Prairie Kid came in from the yard with a special surprise. I gasped when I looked over and saw my preschooler holding a..."what is that? Oh my! Uh, what is that?"

A mole.

"It's alive! Get out! Hurry! Go back outside! You can't have that in here! Thank you for wearing your gloves, that was a good decision, but get that outta here!"

We were watching my sister-in-law's dog and he must have caught this mole and was playing with it in the yard. I think he half killed the thing when The Prairie Kid discovered it. I was pleased to know that my previous instructions of wearing gloves when you pick up dead animals had sunk in. No, I didn't teach my son to pick up dead animals. But he is a boy, on the prairie, so I at least taught him to wear gloves. However, this wasn't dead....yet. Shortly thereafter The Prairie Kid was standing on the deck with a dead mole in his glove-covered hands. I took a deep breath and realized "well, here's a blogging story." I grabbed my camera and headed outside to catch the moment.

An all-too-proud boy

Checking out the catch


How's that for a Prairie Adventure?

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