Saturday, March 13, 2010

The New Comforter

Queen comforters handed down from eons ago don't really go well on new king beds. So, we got to go shopping. I had a pretty narrow idea of what I would want. The Prairie Daddy is awesome and leaves those things up to me. However, I always "check in" with him and get his opinion. Shopping online and checking out designs and prices helped before our first trip to mattress buy. I was thinking brown and white. I would have loved to have down black and white but our mix-matched bedroom furniture is all brown (accept the white-washed log stuff we turned into nightstands).

When we actually started hitting the stores I was disappointed. I am too frugal to commit to something I am not thrilled about and pay what they were asking. We also didn't want anything shiny, slippery, silky or with a gazillion (meaning any) decorator pillows.

We were in the last store we would be visiting with comforter sets. It was expensive. I found a couple of sets I liked but they were overpriced. I stumbled across a table with a sale set on it. $78.60. WHAT? But it was too bold. I mean, we are pretty safe decorators. We always go with neutral so that we can use it "forever" with accent colors that are changeable. I showed The Prairie Daddy. I said, "No, its too bold." We walked around. I came back to it. We walked around. I came back to it. Finally, we made the decision and bought it.

And I love it! I need bold! I am tired of neutral. And it was MY PRICE! Oh yeah, makes something all the more lovable to this chick.

I would have loved to have redone the whole room but my time, success at finishing long projects (long meaning more than 2 hours), and my frugality prevented me from going all out. I did, however, find two great pictures on stretched canvas at Hobby Lobby on sale for $12.50 each to go on each side of the bed on the walls. I like them because they say "Royal" on one with the definition and "Crown" on the other with the definition which makes me think of the crown the Jesus has given us when we enter His kingdom. And the pictures have just slight accents of the teal in them so they went nicely with the bed.
Okay, wanna see it?

It is actually a linen material, although soft, not scratchy. The flowers are embroidered on.

Here are the pictures...but remember the walls are really white around them, I just couldn't use the flash without getting reflection
See the hint of teal?
New bedroom decorations are such soul food. Thank you again, Lord, for soul food. And even better when they are dirt cheap!

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