Monday, June 2, 2008

Humble Pie On Fire

Memorial Day weekend is a time of birthday celebrating in our family. We have a tradition of having a turkey fry down at the shop on our ranch hosted by one of my sister-in-laws. There are two nephews birthdays and my father-in-law's birthday to celebrate.

After the turkey fry we came over to our house this year to play games. Another nephew and his girlfriend were in town from Wisconsin. While playing Hostess I whipped up a quick strawberry cheesecake. While it was baking some of the syrup dripped into the bottom of the oven. Later when I put something else in the oven a big fire started. I managed to fill my house with awful smoke and I am sure that impressed my company. Here I am after I poured baking soda all over the oven to put out the fire.

Games are big in our family. Our favorite is Cranium...and it is almost always played men against women. The women usually defeat the men. Here we are taking this charade victory from the guys. This is our nephew's awesome and adorable girlfriend:

And here we are winning another victory in Sculpturades (way to sculpt sis!):

Here are they guys losing in a Factoid...which is a trivia question:

Although I am showing you how wonderful women can play Cranium, I am sad and embarrassed to report that we lost the "Best of 3" Cranium Competition. It was neck and neck...but we came out defeated. It was so sad.

Here is a clip of The Menfolk winning a charade against us:

Hey all you Family Menfolk out there...I am ready for a rematch!

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Amanda said...

Yeah for the boys. They have to win occassionally for them to keep playing with us. See you tonight!