Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Outdoor Adventures

This weekend we did some adventuring (after I moaned on the couch for an appropriate amount of re-coup time after camp) . The first adventure was evening fishing on our reservoir next to the house. I haven't fished much in the past couple of years and was excited about the possibility of some fresh trout.
Here are a few pictures and a video clip of The Prairie Daddy and his clone from the gorgeous night.

I am sorry to report that even though the fish were jumping all over, we were unsuccessful in tricking them onto our hooks. Bummer. I hope to try again soon.

After church Sunday we decided to go on another adventure. We drove up the North Fork (Remember the big horn sheep pictures? That was up the South Fork.). We got to the entrance of Yellowstone National Park and decided to buy an annual pass and head on up to Fishing Bridge. Below will show you why I am so, so glad that we did this. The Prairie Kid was such a trooper with the slow, scenic driving. We did reward him with some salt water taffy and a new stuffed owl that "hoos;" we found it in the bargain bin for $2.50. Owls are a hot topic these days because there is a family of them that lives across the street from Auntie's house in a big tree. (By the way Auntie, The Prairie Kid cannot wait to show you his new owl. He cried on the ride home when he found out we weren't going to your house to show you. And he had his owl book that you gave him and put an owl sticker on the new stuffed owl.)
Okay, back to why I am so, so glad that we decided to head into the park:
This first clip was the "traffic" in Yellowstone. This big ol' bison bull was using the middle of the road as his trail. Later, when we were leaving he was about a half a mile further, still using the "trail."
Here is the highlight of our trip:

And on the way out of the park we were able to grab a view of these two:
It is so much fun to live where we live. I think we're tremendously blessed.

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