Thursday, June 12, 2008

Not Alot To Report

This week didn't prove to have any great stories. The few days with two was not super enjoyable and I think maybe I am still recovering from it! I did get to go to the dentist and our washer decided to kick the bucket. (Great week, eh?)

Since there isn't much to report on I thought I'd tell you about some funny things The Prairie Kid has been saying or doing:

When he thinks something is too hard, he says, "Nuff hard, Mom." He must be confused with "hard enough" and "too hard."

When I am tucking him in for a nap or at night and I am talking to him he cutely repeats me. It goes something like this:
Me: "I love you."
Him: "I llll-Uv you."
Me: "Sleep good."
Him: "Sah-leeeep good."
Me: "Nigh-night."
Him: "Nigh-night Mom."

Sometimes when he is asked not to do something he'll blame it on Lil' Miss even though she's not around!

The Prairie Kid is also obsessed with Gladiators. It comes on Monday evenings and he thinks it's the best thing that ever happened. He grunts and struts and does crazy testosterone-filled things around the family room including YELLING "Glad-ators!"

When there is a noise he quickly looks at me and says "What's that, Mom?" I answer him (wind, an airplane, etc.) and he says "ooooohhhhh."

Sometimes you can say the most simple thing to him, like "it's time to put your shoes on" he says in a sweet way "oh, I see" emphasizing the "I."

Did you know that a four-wheeler is also known as a floor-eeler?

Whenever Barak Obama is spotted on TV he yells "BARAK BAMA!"

He is into telling people to wake up, like the Pepsi Max commercial. He'll say "Wake up people!" "Wake up Mom!"

He wanted to show everyone his cowboy boots or irrigating boots (depending on which were on his feet at the moment) at Rodeo Bible Camp.

He loves to wear a belt and insists on doing so when he is wearing jeans.

I put a sweatshirt on him yesterday and he said "like Mommy!" What is funny is that I hardly ever wear sweatshirts, but hey, I'll take the wanting to be like Mommy any day!

I kissed his hand the other day and he took mine and kissed it. We went back and forth doing this for quite a while.

When he is looking for something he says "where my baseball go?" "where my racecars go?"

Well, The Prairie Kid is wanting to baseball now, how can I refuse?

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erin said...

So cute! I love watching them grow up. Send me an email sometime; I can't find how to send you one!