Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rodeo Bible Camp

Rodeo Bible Camp kept us pretty busy this week. Actually, June will be quite a busy month so this is your warning that the blog posts may be a little sparse.

RBC went great. There were lots of kids from several states that were here to learn more about their beloved rodeo event(s). Here are some photos for you to see the youngsters hard at work:

How about a little calf roping?

Or team roping?

Brave or crazy?

Barrel Racing

Pole Bending

Goat Tying

The worship and speakers were great. The Prairie Kid enjoyed RBC as well and was such a trooper during those long days away from home. He played on a particular mound of dirt for hours and hours. He also enjoyed the music as you can see in this picture...and he is mimicking those that had a hand in the air.

Here is The Expecting Faith the Fabulous and her Lil' Buckaroo

And Miss Amanda the Amazing hanging out with The Prairie Kid

Hey all you RBC folks, thanks for a great week!

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