Saturday, March 28, 2009


Where does time go? Who can keep up?
My Nephew is turning 1 today. I am pondering "how?" I know literally, it has been a year since he was born (smart one, aren't I?). But in my heart I cannot figure out why time has to fly by so fast with these precious little ones!

I don't know if you were a blog reader last Spring but here are some reminiscing photos. I will try to post some new ones but some may be repeats.

Here I am holding him at 2 weeks at his home in Seattle:
He visited the ranch in July

And we hung out again in October but this time in Seattle again

And here we are in Denver in February

I guess I cannot complain, we got to see each other quite a bit this first year but I admit it isn't enough!!! Happy Birthday little man!

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Beck said...

Sweet pictures! Time flies with our own little ones but when we're separated from family babies seems to grow faster than we can keep up with! I can't believe Maggie will be one in six weeks!