Friday, March 20, 2009

Jack The Ripper

I know, it sounds horrible right? You probably think I am so awful for titling my post after a serial killer. Well, there have been some murders and mournings going on around our place lately. Life with Jack is a roller coaster ride. And as cute as he is, and as good as he can be with The Prairie Kid, is he truly right for us? I am not sure. This post might give you a better idea of the adjustment we're trying to make. I welcome your advice!

In my "introduction post" about Jack I did tell you that he is a chewer and a runner. But he also has gone poop, pee, and puked in the house. He has destroyed several things. He runs away if you don't hold his collar all the way from the house to the place we have to tie him outside and back again. He barks at every sight and sound outside. And there are a lot of those out on the prairie!

I know this looks like the face of an innocent pup...
...but it isn't! My two front flower beds have been ransacked by the "innocent pup."

This may look sweet...
...but it is really the face of guilt! Guilty for popping the Whinnie The Pooh ball, tearing apart the beloved baseball bat, tormenting the cats terribly, ruining the brand new leash we got him the first day, tearing apart my old saddle pad, digging holes in the yard...

And murdering "Blue Guy"...
...poor Blue Guy. He was a favorite.
Yes, this may look like the sweetest of friends...

...but this sweet friend taught The Prairie Kid to poop outside. Yes, my son took a dump on the front walk and came in proudly saying "look! I pooped outside like a dog!" (okay, I can't really blame this on Jack but it did happen!)
So, ultimately here is our thoughts:
- We are not "tie up or kennel your dog" kinda people. We want to let a four-legged friend freely roam the house and yard
- We are not "train a dog" kinda people. I am willing to do small stuff, but this pup needs some major training.
- We are more "ranch dog" not "hunting dog" kinda people. Jack has exhibited many more "hunting dog" attributes than we expected. He points, he sniffs, he senses, he tracks. This doggie got hound!
- The Prairie Daddy would love a dog that goes out easily to work with him on the four-wheeler. Jack would only run off and terrorize every wild animal within 2000 yards and not return when called.
- I don't want to "quit" on Jack
- We would only release him to a good home, suitable for his characteristics (anyone want to train a bird dog?)
- He is really sweet to The Prairie Kid.
I have asked God to reveal His will. At least we know that Jack didn't get euthanized or go to the shelter to be kenneled completely for awhile.

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Beck said...

Oh, that's a tough one! I pray you receive all the wisdom you need to handle that situation.