Monday, March 23, 2009

A New Approach

One of the main philosophies I have in parenting is conserving energy. A tired, worn out parent is not usually an effective or joyed parent.

I decided to conserve some more energy and be a better parent.

For Jack.

Jack was wasting so much of my energy as I drug his puppy toosh across the yard to the place where we had him tied. The other morning while doing so in my pajamas I realized "enough already! This is wasting my energy!"

The Prairie Dad agreed to let me approach Jack differently for a week and "see what happens." (Since Jack is home with me all day this doggie parenting stuff kinda ends up on my plate). When Jack has gotten let out "accidentally" (by The Prairie Kid) without being tied he has taken off running out of the yard and all about the area and will not obey the "come" command. We were going after him every time in the car or the four-wheeler and spending a lot of time chasing him down until we could coax him to us with a treat and then scolding and kenneling him upon returning home.

I finally just thought "what if we just let him go?" Two things would most likely result: #1- he would just keep going further and further each time and get worse and worse. #2- he would realize that we trust him and get it out of the system and come home.

We've left him out a couple times, and even left the ranch while he is out and about (although he always stays within view of the house) and when we've returned after dark he is here ready to come in. Today it is snowing out and he has been out 3 times without taking off and has returned to the door when he is ready to be warm again. Who knows, maybe he will learn that we will trust him and let him "do his thing" and he'll get some of this out of his system.

At this point in the house we're just trying to keep the toys put away so they won't get eaten and conserving our energy in ways that we see we can.

These energy conservers have made life with Jack a little easier. And I have enjoyed cuddling and playing with him. And he and The Prairie Kid played together for quite a while yesterday.

Time will tell. : )

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