Saturday, March 21, 2009

Relationally Full

I am just so thankful for the wonderful friends that we have. It seems like it took 6 years, almost 7, to develop/find really great friends here. When you live outside of a town of 350 it isn't necessarily easy to find the right fit. For years I struggled not having close girlfriends here. But God brought in some families that have become so very dear to us. And everyone hits it off! The guys get along great, the girls get along great, the guys and the girls get along great, the kids love each is awesome! We are enjoying regular get togethers just for fun, a couple's small group on Sunday evenings, girl's Bible study on Thursday mornings, and the guys are going to be crazy and start meeting on Monday mornings at 5:30am to make breakfast together and have an accountability group. What a treasure!

What fills my heart with joy is that there is such love between us. I don't come home wondering "Do they really like me? Did I say something wrong? What do they think?" And if I really don't trust someone I think those thoughts after hanging out. But not with these awesome people! I am just free in these friendships. Free to be me, free to love others right where they're at, free to forgive, free to blow it and apologize and know everything will be fine. Christ is obviously the center of these great friendships and He has allowed a very quick, sincere and deep bond to form. Yea!

Oh, I am so thankful. My cup runneth over. You all know who you are. I love you.

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Nikki said...

Amen Sister!! I couldn't have said it better!! We love you too!