Friday, January 1, 2010

Did You Know?

That I'm in Nashville? The Prairie Daddy and I drove with The Prairie Kid two days ago to Denver. We said goodbye to him yesterday morning and flew to Nashville. Saying goodbye is the yucky part...being with my awesome hubby on a trip for a week, no that's the best. The week away with The Prairie Daddy every year is my favorite week of every year. I love getting The Prairie Daddy away from the ranch and the work. When we get away he is a little more like the college guy I started dating ago 10 years ago this month. 10 years! That college guy had more free time then my rancher. More free time often means more fun, more rest, more attention...hey, who could complain about this? And we LOVE to travel together. We're just great travel companions. He drives, I navigate. I research, he helps pick where we go. Often we have the same thing in mind, whether it be rest or rock and roll!

This is our first time to visit Nashville. It feels much colder here than at home even though the temperature is a lot higher. Humidity...yuck.

Nashville is a nice city and I like that it is small and super easy to navigate. We've been all over it already and we've just been here 30 hours. After we flew in and found our hotel we went to dinner at the South Street Crab Shack. It was a nice start to southern food. They brought out coleslaw and pickles to put on the bread. Weird, I thought, but tasty. My College Guy enjoyed sweet tea...lots of sweet tea. And we both enjoyed a steamed bucket of seafood, potatoes, sausage, and corn. Okay, I didn't get to enjoy all of those things and had to wipe most of the spices off my food but what I was able to eat it was good. And we had hush puppies...yum.

After dinner we walked around The District. It was hopping seeing as it was New Years Eve. We found to places that had some decent live country. We hung out at one for quite a while and finally got the guts up enough to swing dance...although no one else was dancing!

We didn't last long for New Years Eve though. I was starting to go down hill and we turned in at 9:30. Party animal, aren't I? There were 12,000 people in The District for the "guitar drop" (like the ball drop at Time Square in NYC)!

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