Thursday, January 21, 2010

Soul Food

I love how God loves us. He doesn't have to do so many of the things He chooses to do. Like provide a silly girl with some soul food.

What do I mean by "soul food?" I mean the stuff that blesses a woman's soul. Like chocolate, chick flicks, cute clothes, nail polish, make up, colorful fuzzy socks. And decorations.

I was going through some storage boxes in the church storage room on Tuesday. I reached in the opposite direction of the children's ministry boxes to randomly pull a box off of the shelf. It was full of plastic ice cream cones and 2 pieces of fabric. 2 pieces of fabric that just "happened" to MATCH MY OFFICE PAINT PERFECTLY! And just "happened" to be the PERFECT SIZES for my window treatment and bulletin board. AND they were stripes...which was my first choice. AND they were the right colors to make it a gender-neutral office. AND no one knew where they were from or what they were for and said I could have them! So I took them home, washed them, made my board, pulled together some other decorations from the Family Dollar and Wah-Lah...

The pictures are dark because I took them at you can see in the window. Still a little bit bare but perfect for my start.
Thank you Lord for soul food.

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Miss Brenda said...

How like God to put fabric in a box for you before you even had need of it. (I'm having difficulty keeping what I need for today straight.) Just wanted to say there's nothing pathetic about that office.