Monday, January 4, 2010

In Honor Of Music City

We're enjoying our time in Nashville so much. This morning we're resting after a few days of running hard. It was starting to catch up with me and we know I am physically limited so we need to be aware of that.

The Pancake Pantry two mornings ago was scrumptious. I love that Trip Advisor ranks restaurants so that you know where to go for good food. Although yesterday we tried a place famous for their food and were somewhat disappointed. More on that in a bit.

After The Pancake Pantry we headed with our cousins to The Country Music Hall of Fame. We were in for an unexpected treat. Right after we arrived they had a session with Tony Arata in a small auditorium. I didn't know who Tony Arata was, but I knew his work. And boy did I enjoy the session! Tony Arata is a songwriter. He wrote "The Dance" that Garth Brooks made famous. To hear the story behind it's inspiration and watch/listen to the person that wrote it perform it was awesome. The museum was also great although I tired out fairly fast and there wasn't adequate places to rest. My favorite exhibit was on the William's family...Hank, Hank Jr, etc. Although their family story was sad and full of bad decisions and tragedy, it was the exhibit in which you could best connect to personal life. That is what I enjoy the best.

From there we headed to The Hermitage Hotel. It is "the" historic hotel of downtown Nashville. We happened to arrive a couple hours before a wedding and saw the set up for a fancy southern ceremony and reception. It was still decorated for Christmas and beautiful! Next stop was to Demo's for lunch again, which was great, again, and then headed to The Bluebird Cafe. We showed up early and were so blessed that even though we didn't have a table reserved we ended up with one. We watched 4 singer/songwriters in the round for 2 hours. We enjoyed the atmosphere and the experience although the songs and genre were not really our style. We hung out at our cousins' hotel for awhile afterward and then turned in for the night.

I will save the following day for my next post. : )

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