Saturday, January 9, 2010

Here We Are

I didn't take very many pictures this trip. Knowing that all I have to do is Google an image and get picture of everything we saw (minus us being in the picture) I just took picutres with us in them. And that wasn't very many. But there were some nice ones. I wished that I had a smaller camera to just tote in my purse. I think I will look into this for the future. My camera is big and it is a whole extra thing to lug around when going here, there and everywhere during the day. During CPC I already had their tote of books, binders and papers to haul with me as I bolted across the hotel from one session to another, so adding the camera bag to the mix was not desirable. I would love to have taken pictures at CPC that didn't happen.
So here we are...

Enjoying a sunset at J. Percy Priest Reservoir
At The Bluebird Cafe

With Our Cousins

At the Loveless Cafe
Eric and Dave At Belle Meade Plantation

That's all folks!

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