Friday, January 15, 2010

Learning And Spinning

Since we got home from our trip life has been a whirlwind. I officially started in the church. I still feel weird that I have an office. My office needs decoration desperately. One of the college interns on our staff walked up to me and said, "Your office is the most pathetic thing around here." Or something along those lines. He loves me...enough to ridicule me. That has become me recognition of some staffers way of saying "welcome to the team!" : ) It's fun. But he was right, my office is pathetic. I tried to find some fun, coordinating fabric to make a bulletin board with the ribbons criss-crossing it. Have you seen those? But I didn't find anything in our lovely Walmart. Oh the choices in a small town. They're overwhelming. : )

I worked and worked and worked this week. It started taking its toll. I melted down at home yesterday and my body was angry at me. Thankfully I slept last night and am going to pace myself today and tomorrow and hopefully the next day and the next. My husband is incredible. He has been so helpful, supportive, caring. My son is awesome as well...I am thankful for the way he is making it through this transition.

Yesterday I realized that there are some things in my head/heart that I will have to let God work on right away. Wounds from a past work situation that left me afraid of some things relationally. Pleasing people. Taking care in how I express myself...this girl sometimes where's her feelings on her sleeve too much. Pacing myself. I have a lot to learn.

I am expecting that the next few weeks will be the time that is most challenging. I hope to get things in a place where some of it "takes care of itself" and I can slow down. I look forward to that time. I would like my time at home to be a little more normal. : )

I am so thankful that God has a perfect plan for me. He knows what I need, for how long, and why. He is faithful and trustworthy. I just have to remain in Him. May I just remain in Him.

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