Monday, June 15, 2015

Father's Day 2014

We decided to go to church with the intern. It would be good to go out of the apartment for a while. We looked forward to going to church because we did not get to on our first trip to this country. I was also eager to see a native friend we had met the last trip that lived behind the church. She had prayed in her native tongue for me to have another baby. The missionaries we were with translated. I cried.

Getting ready that morning was so neat. I had been collecting clothes and planning for her to be in them for so long. Little girls are so much fun!

Brushing our teeth together

Ready for church
First photo with both parents

At church we found out that our friend was in a village for a wedding but her son that we had met before was there. I gave him the message to pass along to him mom that her prayer was answered through adoption! The church service was long and hot but really neat. Listening to praise in other languages is awesome. The guest preacher spoke in Fulani and then it was translated into French. Some Canadian missionaries quietly translated it to English for us from the French.

Baby Girl slept in the baby carrier almost the whole three hours. After the service we talked with an American missionary that we met briefly the trip before. I asked her if the bump on Baby Girl's head was a bug bite. She told us that it was a boil and likely a Staph infection. We contacted the director immediately and she and the orphanage doctor met us at the apartment.

They went and got meds right away and we started her on antibiotics, nasal spray,, and pain reliever. I would have to put hot compresses on the boil to try to draw out the infection. Although it was awful, I believe the level of care we were able to offer her right off the bat helped with bonding. Thankfully, the infection cleared and her swelling went down and she healed up quickly.

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