Friday, June 12, 2015

What Just Happened? Back Story

I only went through some of the most adventurous, wild times in life while I took this blogging hiatus. I think we were so invested in our season that blogging and keeping up with posts was just off the radar. There are times in life where this is such a healthy, needed outlet for me. And, obviously, there are times where it doesn't fit the bill.

Maybe I will back-track and fill in the empty space with the memories of the lapse. They are worth sharing and it would be great for the sake of recording.

Let's start with the back story.

The Prairie Daddy got burned in the Fall of 2012. After he began to heal and we were thinking about life, we felt the Lord move us toward re-certifying for foster/adopt. Our heart's desire was to add a baby to our family. We just didn't know the details God had planned. It had been years of prayer and surrender but we felt the nudge to contact our local Department of Family Services and re-certify.

At the beginning of 20123, a private newborn adoption possibility crossed our radar. Oh how I wanted this to be the answer! For 8 grueling weeks we would get a little piece of information here and there. And then, before any doors closed on earth, the Lord spoke to my heart and I knew I had to let go. This wasn't going to happen. Then the doors officially closed.

I grieved hard. No matter how much I prayed and how many times I had given the hope back to the Lord, I still had become attached to the idea. It was painful.

But God is good, sovereign, perfect and "not slow in keeping His promise." 2 Pet 3:9

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