Monday, June 15, 2015

The Roller Coaster To The Finish Line

Nothing about the adoption process is simple. And we found that out at every turn.

And when you find out the adoption has been finalized in the in-country courts, and the child is OFFICIALLY yours, but your immigration system will not yet let you travel, it is brutal.

And takes months.

We finally had received word to book our trip because we were set to go in late May 2014.


We contacted the adoption airfare agency and got some awesome flights and deals. We were leaving in TWO WEEKS.



And then. Yep. Then it happened. We were told that things weren't so certain. Our baby girl's passport wasn't issued and they were struggling to get it.

Oh. Crush. My. Heart.

We wrestled for days with prayer, communications across oceans, flight change options and decisions.

Nothing was working out.

It was going to cost us $10,000 more dollars to change to cruddier flights. It was too risky to leave and not have her passport issued.

What to do???

And we felt God nudge us to GO IN FAITH. And we had friends and family agree. GO.

So we nervously (OH SO NERVOUSLY) decided to GO. We were trusting the Lord for the passport. And that is no little thing to trust Him for in a 4th world country.

Our pastor called our family forward the Sunday before we left and the church prayed for our trip. We asked the Lord for favor and the passport.

And we packed and printed and checked and double checked. 

Can I just tell you how long two weeks feels when you've waited for something for so long and then you're right on the cusp of the finish line.


Baby, we're almost there!

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