Friday, June 12, 2015

Plain As Day

We had not even fully started the adoption process yet, only re-certifying with our local DFS for local foster/adopt. We did not quite know what God was going to do. I was walking through the next days with a daze of "Wow. That was amazing. But now what?"

Everywhere I seemed to turn over the next four weeks there were Scriptures, stories, pictures, songs and social media about the nations, the poor, orphans, etc. The Prairie Daddy and I talked and prayed and finally felt like there was confirmation from the Lord to pursue international adoption.

We had one real connection to international adoption, and it was a strong and personal one. When we had gone to West Africa a year and a half earlier, we visited an orphanage. It changed me, wrecked me, forever. And we had friends in this country that we could contact.

We sent an email out and were quickly connected to a center for abandoned infants. We found out the first steps of the process and began looking into what this adventure would entail.

Right off the bat I was discouraged with the cost. I had reached out to agencies to find out what that might look like and it was overwhelming.

But God is never overwhelmed.

In fact, before we even shared with anyone that we were going to pursue, He used a loved one to share with me that a financial situation was about to unfold for us. And low and behold, the amount shared was almost the same amount the adoption was quoted to cost.

Only the Creator of the Universe can pull of things like this.

I was again amazed. It was so surreal. This was the stuff that happened to other people. But this was the story He was writing for us! Wow!

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