Friday, June 12, 2015

When God Speaks

It was February 27, 2013. I sat before the Lord crying out to Him regarding our desire for our family to expand. I cried. I prayed. And I released my desires through pen on the pages of my prayer journal.

I then moved on in prayer. Listing requests on behalf of my loved ones, church, community, etc.

Then it happened. An unexplainable, undeniable, spiritual happening. He gave me a name. I knew it was the name of a baby girl. It totally freaked me out. I had never seen the name before. But I saw it that day and I knew how it was spelled and how it was pronounced. I wrote it in the margin of my journal. I cried and shook and wondered. I was confused and puzzled, excited and awed. Was I crazy?

I finished my prayer time in fear and trembling.

I then looked up the name and found out it was Hebrew and means "to ascend, go up." I knew it was an adopted baby girl (bio children don't "ascend" from their moms!). 

I still had so many questions. When? Who? How? Where? 

And what would people think of this crazy story? What would The Prairie Daddy think?

But the Lord had more plans for me that day. The Prairie Daddy unexpectedly joined me for lunch and I knew I needed to share. And as I did, the tears that leaked from his eyes and streamed down his cheeks confirmed for me that this was indeed for us both that precious day. 

We knew not what the Lord would do and when, but we knew we could trust the Lord to lead. 

A little girl was in our future who had been named by God Himself.

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