Thursday, May 7, 2009

Cave Woman

We have some friends getting married this weekend. We've known the groom for years and his bride just moved to town a few weeks ago. She stayed with us her first week and I have been able to get to know her a bit. The groom asked me awhile back to help out with the wedding and I gladly agreed.

Tonight the guys had a bachelor party planned. They went prairie dog hunting on our ranch and then were planning to bbq and have a campfire. However, the wind is horrendous today so I offered up our home for the "cookout." And they took me up on it! They began to "invade" while I was trying to cut The Prairie Kid's hair. I quickly finished up, made a salad, grabbed some chips and a glass of water and a bunch of other items including the laptop and headed to the basement. So, I am "staying put" for the evening. Actually, it's 20 after 9 and the guys just starting eating dinner at about 9. The Prairie Daddy brought me a plate of potatoes and steak and some more water. : )

I turned my bedroom into the "wedding head quarters." Wanna know what happens when you lock a girl in her room with a box of pine branches, spools of ribbon, flowers, and scissors?

Yep, that once was my bedroom floor. You shoulda seen The Prairie Daddy's face when he first come down and found me out!

But I did accomplish much...24 tables' worth of centerpieces! That just saved me some time on Saturday! Here is a sample of what they are going to look like...expect they'll be in the middle of a table in an auditorium in Cody instead of on my bedroom carpet!
The ribbon is lavender, and there is ivory and olive green tulle hiding behind the pine but you cannot see it all that well in the pictures.
I did manage to get my hands, good sewing scissors, and gardening shears covered in sap. Good thing we have baby oil around! I guess I could either start on the arrangements for the bridal party table or clean up the big mess on my floor. Hmmm. Wish I had some chocolate in my cave. (Actually, I did have a little bit that I already ate so I cannot complain that much!)

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