Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Match Made In Heaven

What a fun and busy weekend we had getting Brett and Angela married off! Friday the girls gang took Angie out for the last time as a single woman.

Around here you can't honor a girl without dressing her up a bit!

And The Groom was a little suspicious of what we were about to do with his bride...he was looking for the stripper in the back of the van...the only stripper we had was Noah (who is 4 months old and showed a little thigh during a diaper change)

What a group! Am I the only one not in cowboy boots?

We went bowling was fun. I laughed HARD when I was heading up to take my turn toward the end and as I swung back the ball went flying out of my hand...toward the audience! Ooops!

Here is Angie with her grandma and Faith's baby, Noah:

Then we headed to a sports bar and grill and had Angie open some presents.

And then she had a surprise appt. to get her hair done for the rehearsal.

Bless this salon, they let our bachelorettte party take over for awhile.

Here is the rehearsal at the church

And after the dinner we started to tackle the decorating for the reception...

The bride was obviously not in charge of decorating! : ) Glad she could just hang out and have fun.

I didn't get any pictures of the actual wedding. At that point in the day I was not about to do anything but sit back, relax, and see the event take place. I did swipe some pics from a friend's facebook page:
Here Angela is coming in...single...
And here she is leaving...married!

And here is a picture of the bridal party's attire...
Ta-Da...Mr. and Mrs. Brett Williams!

Here is The Prairie Kid dancing on stage...

And my dear hubby and I dancing on the dance floor...

We got to bed about 1am and you can see what we did for Mother's Day in the next post!

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