Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day

I wasn't sure if I would be in the "land of the living" on Mother's Day or not after all of the festivities. We also had company come to our house while we were at the wedding. So, it was going to be up in the air until the morning of.
I woke up to The Prairie Kid passing by my door on his way to the bathroom "MOM!!! I am going to go pee!" "Okay, good job." I looked at the clock and realized if I jumped in the shower right away we could make church.
So we were off to the races. And we made it to church and then to Dairy Queen for lunch. We have a friend at church that knows the friend that was staying with us, so we all had lunch together. Then we got a wild hair and decided to take our guest to Yellowstone since she had never been.
On the way to Yellowstone we stopped off to show her the Buffalo Bill Dam.

Here Katie the Kind-hearted is with The Prairie Kid
The Prairie Kid was being a tricky picture-poser...but we tried to get him to face the camera
Here we are at Yellowstone Lake

What a view!

We didn't get to see any bears but we got to see a couple moose from a distance, bison, a coyote, and some big horn sheep

The sunset was gorgeous on the way home
Monday I was able to show Katie around the ranch a little bit and we took a few hours to go on a horseback ride. Her camera batteries died on the way out so we didn't get to take many pics but we did get this one of her and Jed

And we had my camera phone, so here is me on the top of a big overlook

And we picked The Prairie Kid up at the tractor on the way back to the barn and he rode in on Jed

Katie left yesterday morning for Seattle (where she lives). What is funny is The Prairie Kid and I drive to Billings tomorrow to head to Seattle for the week!

I am still super tired from all of the busyness but I am looking forward to a getaway. I told my family that they can do all of the planning because I have had enough planning on my plate to last me awhile!

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