Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Her First Cake

Do you remember I told you that I was the 4-H project leader for a friend's daughter? Well, we got together yesterday for her to decorate her first cake. It was the red velvet cake she made with me last time when we decorated Easter cookies.

I had a special occasion for her to decorate a cake for. I loved how willing she was to decorate her first cake for an occasion she wouldn't even get to be at. Hopefully I can save her a piece of it!

Here she is putting on the crumb coat. This was tough as the cake was so moist that chunks of it were starting to come off!

And then the final coat.

Ta-Da! Pretty good for a first time cake by a 5th grader!

Her choice for an accent color was purple. Great choice!

This is the trick I taught her to put her icing bag in an empty glass to fill with frosting and avoid getting the frosting all over the upper inside of the bag. Helps keep things clean when decorating.
Fluting the bottom...

Fluting the top...
Filling in the letters I spelled out for her...

And Wah-Lah! One happy girl and a great first cake!


Molly said...

This is a great segment on your blog. Man Erin, you can definitly pull off alot under pressure can't you?! I can't believe you have this up already, pictures and all. You must have it down to a science. Thank you again for choosing to spend time with Brooklynn. How blessed we are to have such a great role model for her.

Prairie Mama said...

I do work well under pressure. The only semester I pulled a 4.0 in college was when I had 2 more classes than I should have taken.

About blogging...some women unwind by taking a bath, watching Friends, reading...I am a blogger. It is a great outlet for me!

Beck said...

Brooklynn did a great job! You are one busy lady!