Friday, May 29, 2009

Not The Summertime Blues

The Prairie is green! This is the most heavenly time in this high desert prairie. It lasts a short 6-8 weeks and then everything but irrigated fields and watered lawns dries up and turns back to that lovely shade of dull dead. Oh how I love this time. The weather is warm, the sky is brilliant blue, the hills are green (if you're from a really wet climate this is green to us), and the white clouds are like cotton in the sky.
Yesterday The Prairie Daddy, The Prairie Kid and myself loaded up on 4-wheelers and moved some heifers and bulls to the field around our house. I am excited that the dog's shock collar arrived this week because I wasn't sure how he was going to act when I let him out to find the bovines peering into the yard. Thankfully we have gates to close off the driveway to keep them out of the yard. Before we had gates we would find them hanging out in the front of our house like the garage was their barn. Cow patties in my yard are not my idea of appropriate fertilizing this time of year. : )

Then The Prairie Kid had to go out after his nap and talk to the visitors. He was telling them all sorts of things that I couldn't hear from the deck but could only imagine. I saw lots of hand motions so it must have been good!

I pulled out the old camera and took some pictures yesterday and today.

Here is The Prairie Kid conversing with the new neighbors
Oh the dandelions are bad this year!
Going for a little summer drive

The Prairie Daddy weed-eating for me before I mow...

Tomorrow is The Hero Cousin's first home baseball game that The Prairie Kid and I will get to go to. We're excited! The Prairie Daddy will sadly have to stay home and irrigate. : ( Such is life out here.
Well, I supposed I should go mount my tractor and mow that lawn!


Amanda said...

The yellow just seems to add a certain pop of color to the otherwise dull green lawn, don't you think. And then they turn a love shade of grey and spread their lovely seeds. Life without dandilions would be so dull. NOT!

Beck said...

I'm with you about spring, Wyoming puts on a good show. It's too bad it lasts such a short time.

Bye the way, I like your new blog look.