Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Cute Story

I was ready to leave the children's area at church on Sunday when the husband of the preschool teacher said, "Kim has a funny story for you about The Prairie Kid." (Okay, he really didn't call my son The Prairie Kid.) I was thinking "uh-oh."

So I went in to her room and she said, "I was talking about the trinity and we were also talking about a triangle. All of the sudden The Prairie Kid whispered to her "Miss Kim, we don't say 'butt', we say 'bottom'."

She had said "but" in a sentence. : )

And, no, Kim did not call him The Prairie Kid either!

And did you know that there are new lyrics to the song "Row Your Boat?" On The Prairie it goes like this...

"Row, row, you're a boat." I didn't know I was a floating, wooden vessel. Hmph. Who knew.

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Beck said...

So adorable! I'm looking forward to seeing you this Sunday!