Monday, June 22, 2009

Random Writings

I spent the week with camp having to use other people's cameras. Before I left I passed my camera battery off to a guy at church that uses the same camera. He put it in his camera to see if it was my battery or my camera that wasn't working. My suspicions were confirmed...good battery, broken camera. : ( Let's take a moment of silence.

I am going to Billings in a couple of weeks to pick up my oldest sister and nephew! When I go I will try to have a camera shop picked out to drop off the brokenness in hopes that when I return her to the airport the following week I will be able to pick up a not-so-broken camera. I may not be much of a photographer but I love taking pictures and being without my camera is icky. I think we should take another moment.

And guess what? My nephew is staying on with us for 7 weeks this summer! I am not sure what it will be like to have a 16 year old boy around again. I say again because for over two years of our lives, 5 years ago, we had a teenage boy living with us. We fostered 2 different ones, for about a year a piece. I love teenagers...even though they are only partially human and predominately hormones. And I wouldn't wish on anyone to revisit that part of life but I think I have a heart for what they go through considering my teenage years were the worst.

I am trusting the Lord to provide some social opportunities for him though. I feel kinda bad that he is going from the big city to the middle of nowhere. There will be many aspects of his life here that will be different. There are a couple guys from church (the worship leaders that were in the Kidz Kamp post) that have volunteered to hang out some with him. Yay! And I will do my best to provide opportunities to break up the solitude.

On a different note, (remember, this post is called "Random Writings"), The Prairie Daddy and I got to play tennis yesterday for Father's Day. I beat him. : ) It was a close set and I came back from being behind two games...and when I got my game on I just lost control and continued to climb up the winning ladder. Maybe I should have let him beat me on his special little day. Too late! : )

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diana said...

so most of the time i use my handy-dandy google reader to read your blog, but today i decided to actually LOOK at your blog, and i noticed that you changed it....i love it! its so pretty!
thanks for letting me dump my problems on you the other day, if you ever need me to return the favor, i'm here....and feeling much more sane. :)