Sunday, June 28, 2009

Prairie Warning: You Can't Say I Didn't Tell You

We are enjoying a steady flow of visitors on The Prairie this season. We had several flow through during the Spring and now we're into the Summer group. This past week my cousin and his wife from California were traveling through. The Prairie Kid sees new people as an opportunity for new play-victims (smart kid). He must know that new people have energy available to play things that Mom and Dad are worn out on.

The first "play date" was a pretty simple one that didn't require a whole lot from The Big Cousin. They built a ranch together on the family room floor.

Then The Prairie Kid decided that he was going to make The Big Cousin a a pen. So much for plastic bulls the size of a stick of gum on the family room floor.
Here is The Prairie Kid locking up his new bovine:

But then The Bovine turned into a crazy monster! Run Prairie Kid!

The Prairie Kid was obviously not worried about The Monster... the hands on the hips tell me that he was really reminding The Big Cousin that he was a bull in a pen, not a monster.

And what do you do with bulls? Buck them out of course!
Hmmm, maybe there was more to the reason that The Big Cousin and his wife only wanted to stay two nights on The Prairie.

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