Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rodeo Bible Camp- Day 1

Today was the start of this year's rodeo bible camp at Cowboys With A Mission, the local ministry so many of my friends work at. My job is making sure video is being taken at each arena, collecting it and getting it set up to be played back for instructors and campers in the late afternoon. I also collect still photos to put together slide shows for the programs...which is fun when the computer doesn't crash on me (like it did today).

There were some amazing photos taken today. Most of these are of the rough stock riders. The mud makes for quite a scene! Thought you'd enjoy seeing these...I cannot imagine how these boys' mothers would feel when they saw their boys mid air like some of these! May The Prairie Kid never choose rough stock!

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Amanda said...

Good pics. At least the mud makes for a softer landing.