Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Wedding...Finally

Okay, finally, some time to post The Wedding. I will start where I left off in the Sneak Peak:

The Prairie Kid was "primping" in the nursery...

Here we are with my in-laws
Here is The Mother of the Groom pinning The Grandmother of the Groom's corsage
(this would be my sister-in-law and mother-in-law)

And The Ceremony finally got started. Here is the Best Man and the Maid of Honor

And the Groom and the Pastor
And now for...The Kids...

This picture shows the onset of sheer panic that the Flower Girl had
That panic proceeded quickly into a screaming, crying attempt to find her mom...which quickly led the Ring Bearer into confusion, panic, and an identical frenzy. Which led to the two moms rescuing them from the aisle and taking them back to their seats where the quietly calmed them down and allowed them to sit until the end. I did shove The Prairie Kid back out into the aisle after The Ceremony and had him walk out with the wedding party.
So, the kids made for great pictures before The Ceremony but that is about it! Oops!
Here is one of the only pictures I got of the ceremony due to the child that was in my lap

After The Ceremony, the Ring Bearer was shot. He hung out in the nursery by himself playing for awhile. Then I discovered that he had wet his pants...and he ended up in Wranglers with his tux top. I wish I had a picture of this transition, cause he looked so cute, but it didn't happen.
And now on to The Reception
Enjoying a good story from the Maid of Honor

Our Nephews

The Dance

Our nephew Will from Milwaukee teaching Jake how to Electric Slide

Cake Cutting

Off go the newlyweds!

Except they can't get in their car yet!
The Prairie Kid's final wedding attire
The 3 inches of snow we woke up to the day after the wedding!

I will post some family pics in another post. What a weekend!

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