Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Who Am I And What Am I Doing Here?

Now that the marathon is over I think my brain turned to mush along with my body. I am usually up on the date, the events of the week, who I am, etc. Not so much the case these days.

Did you know that June 30th is not two weeks from June 23rd? I didn't. Last night I was telling friends that there is a concert on Friday, June 28th in two weeks. First of all, June 28th is a Sunday, and secondly, Friday is 2 days away. What happened to me? Then, I had it set in my head that my sister and nephew would be here in two weeks...June 30th. That is next week! Wow. It's probably a good thing my car is in the shop because I don't know if I should even be allowed to drive!

Last night The Prairie Daddy was in the Passion Play. There is an awesome ministry called Mission Adventures at Cowboys With A Mission. Molly the Marvelous and her hubby Dave the Dynamic run this program. A youth group can bring their kids to the CWAM base and the MA program trains them for five days for a short term mission. Then they all head up to the Crow reservation in Montana and serve for 5 days. Sweet, eh? Well, they also put on the Passion Play for the groups. My hubbers was invited to play Pilate. The play was moving and intense. They all did a great job.

The Prairie Kid was off playing with other kids when the play got started. But as it moved outside and Jesus was sentenced to crucifixion, The Prairie Kid and another boy had migrated our direction. They had stripped Jesus down to a loin cloth and there was fake blood all over him as they reenacted the guards beating him all the way to the place where they nailed him to the cross. On the ride home The Prairie Kid kept asking "Why they bang that man? Who that they bang?"

W had to explain to him that they really didn't "bang" that man, who is Mr. Chad. It was pretend. But that is what really happened to Jesus. And we talked about how Jesus didn't stay dead, but rose again on the 3rd day. We talked about how His perfect blood gives us the way to be friends with God. I am starting to see the wheels turning in The Prairie Kid's head about all of this. Yay! But he's not quite got it yet...this morning when he was thanking God for his cinnamon toast he said, "Dear Jesus, pray for Jeremy and...Mom, what's that guy who got banged?" And we went over it again. : )

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