Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sneak Peak

I hadn't told you, although many of you know, that The Prairie Kid was asked to the ring bearer in our nephew Jake's wedding. Well, the big day has come and gone! Due to the great amount of fun still left to be had with the remaining family in town, this is just a "sneak preview" into the day's events. Hope you enjoy!

Getting The Ring Bearer Ready
Oh how much fun it was!
Picture Time!

Little Cuties

The Wedding Party

Blurry but still cute

Here is the Best Man (yep, that's Jeremy, The Hero), The Ring Bearer, and The Groom (Jake, Jeremy's older brother)

Oh I love this one! He has his grandpa's ornery, toothy smile!

Seriously waiting
One last pic before the ceremony

The Prairie Family (yes, he is sticking his precious little ring bearing tongue out!)

There is much more to come...including the great story of how the kids did (or didn't do) in the ceremony! You'll have to check back tomorrow! : )


Kai said...

Wow. It feels so great to have the cutest grumpy bear in the world be my nephew! Great pics, thanks so much.

Beck said...

He's a handsome little fella' you're going to have your hands full in a few years warding off all of the admiring girls!

Amanda said...

The episode at the wedding was pretty priceless and memorable. Too bad you didn't get a picture of the "Event", maybe you did.