Saturday, June 27, 2009


Did you know The Prairie Kid has 3 basic "needs" in life? He seems to be in a position to be quite content to survive with these 3 things:
1. Gum
2. Chapstick
3. Money
I forgot to tell you that a few weeks ago he brought in a play wallet that I hadn't seen for awhile. When he opened it up I did a double take...there was real money in there! And it wasn't a couple dollars. I asked him to show me what he had. Out came a...$20...and another....$20....and...a $50! The 3 year old Prairie Kid had $90 in his wallet! I got my wallet out and asked him if he'd trade me. He agreed, so we traded $1 for each of his big bills. How did The Prairie Daddy and I miss the fact that $90 was missing out of one of our wallets?
This past week there were a few mornings that suddenly I realized The Prairie Kid had a mouth full of gum. Where did he get it? I thought out of my purse...but it was hanging up in the mud room out of reach. Did he climb the shoe shelves and get some off of the top shelf in the mudroom cabinet? Maybe.
Then I was cleaning house for my cousins to come to town and I was putting miscellaneous annoying toys in places that would hide them from sight. And that is when I found this...

So, he had somehow gotten a whole pack and had it stashed. Well, at least I am kept on my toes and not allowed to slack off as a mom!

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