Monday, June 29, 2009

A Boy And His Dog

I was reminded today of some cute pictures I took of The Prairie Kid and Jack this month. I haven't given you updates on Jack lately. Doesn't mean life with him is uneventful!

The shock collar came back in the mail and worked for a week and kicked the bucket again. Oh joy! I learned my lesson about buying a product for too cheap from another country (yes, even Canada was a risk!) on eBay. I put a want ad in the local bulletin (our town is too small to have a newspaper so we have a classified ad bulletin we can post info in) for a remote shock collar. We still need one that is for sure! Why, you ask?

Last Thursday I had to give the dog a bath because the overwhelming smell of rotting dead animal in his coat about knocked me out when I went to let him out of his kennel in the morning. He must have gotten into something the evening before and The Prairie Daddy was the one that put him to bed. That evening the phone rang and it was a neighbor (remember, neighbors around The Prairie are not right next door). "Do you have a dog?" Sheepishly I replied, "yes." "Well, he was trying to kill baby deer and I put him in a horse trailer. If he hadn't of been so friendly I would have killed him." I was humiliated. I apologized profusely and headed down the road to get Jack. He has been on "lock down" since then.

But even though there are still trials, Jack has been a trooper with The Prairie Kid. The Prairie Kid is still learning about respecting Jack and thinking about how he'd like it if someone treated him the way he is treating the dog. Jack pals around with The Prairie Kid nonetheless and hasn't responded inappropriately to the torture before we intervene. The Prairie Kid has also liked pretending that he is a dog. I caught these pics of him at the beginning of the month wearing the shock collar and mimicking Jack's behavior.

And this is what reminded me that I had those pics today...just my two kids taking a little rest.

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Beck said...

Oh the trials of pet ownership, I'm not even brave enough to attempt it! They are cute together.