Saturday, June 27, 2009

Move Along Lil' Doggies

Hey Boss! Hep! Hep! HEP! Come on cows! God cows!

That would be the sound on The Prairie this morning. I woke up this morning not having any idea that right away my plans would change. As soon as I plopped down on the big comfy recliner looking out the french doors over The Prairie with my coffee and journal and Bible the phone rang. It was The Prairie Daddy and I had 30 minutes to be at the barn if I wanted to help move cows. I raced to get ready and wake up The Prairie Kid and to the barn we went. The Prairie Kid and I were on one 4-wheeler, The Prairie Daddy on another, and a nephew and his friend on the third. The other nephew and my brother-in-law saddled up a couple of horses. We headed out from the barn corrals and ended up well past our house. It was probably 2 1/2 - 3 miles overall.

Here we are less than half way

And this is a picture of The Prairie Kid and me

And again...

Here is one of the nephews and his friend

My cutie lil' cowboy

Looking back at The Prairie Daddy. Check out that grass! Praise God!

The Kids (and Patch, the dog)

Get along lil' doggies (or cows)

Taking a break while The Prairie Daddy counted the cows going through a gate

My brother-in-law and his youngest boy


Almost there!

Ta-da-la! You're there! Enjoy that grass!

It was a gorgeous morning. A little brisk but beautifully sunny and green after some great rain yesterday. I am sorry that my cousins who were in town the past two days weren't here for this morning. They left about 30 minutes before I got the phone call. Bummer. At least they're enjoying Yellowstone today!


Miss Brenda said...

Wow, you really are the Prairie Mama aren't you? Great pictures. I can almost here those cowboys singing.

Beck said...

Well you're life certainly is never boring! A lot of kids would envy the kind of life Tade leads!