Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Family Pictures

Here are a few family pictures from the wedding. This first one is of The Prairie Daddy with his parents and siblings. All of the siblings were in town for the wedding!

And here is The Prairie Dad's oldest brother, his wife, and their daughter and her boyfriend

Here is The Prairie Dad's oldest sister with her two sons
Here is the whole clan that was at the wedding
After looking at this above picture I realized that the little guy in the front had an accident! Oops! He wasn't the only one, though, The Prairie Kid had one in his tux pants after the ceremony.

And The Prairie Kid with is twin cousins that are his age, hey, there's those Wranglers with the tux top! I think the little guy on the right is covering up the accident! : )
The next day we all celebrated some birthdays out at Mom and Dad's. One of our nephews is a great musician and he borrowed The Prairie Daddy's guitar and sang for us. It was fun!

His audience...
And the 3 year old mosh pit! I bet he's never had a preschool audience before!

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