Saturday, June 13, 2009

RBC Day 2

I am currently trying to recover from RBC to regroup for next week's adventure. On Monday morning I head out for Kidz Kamp! Do you remember that I went last year? It was a great week but we were really short-staffed. I made it my mission this year to recruit more people from church but I wasn't the only one. Last year from our church the pastor in charge of kid's programs, his wife and I were the only ones that went. This year there are 11 of us going! YEE-HAW! I will have a co-counselor! YIPPEE! AND a counselor-in-training! WHOOP!

I didn't want you to miss out on some other awesome pics from RBC though. So, here are some from Day 2. I tried twice to upload some of the timed events to no avail. I don't have any from Day 3 but we did have a great jackpot rodeo for the kids that afternoon that was all captured on video.

World champion bull rider Matt Austin encourages this local little guy after a fall

Would hate to be in this predicament!

Uh, I think you're hand is caught...
I am so amazed at God's provision for safety at this camp after I look at all of these pictures. GREAT pictures Angie and Christie! Not one injury this week (other than some minor bruises and scrapes)!

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