Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Across The Finish Line

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Not To Us (Not To Us Album Version) - Chris Tomlin

I just completed a marathon. What? You didn't know I am a runner? The race I run is a different race. It is the race of living out the call that God has on my life. And this past 3 months was practically a race without water breaks. There were a few here and there. I had to learn to drink in the Living Water in the midst of the marathon. Thankfully God is the One who equips and provides because I wouldn't have made it without Him doing this for me. I feel so humbled that He has allowed me to be a witness and a tool in His work. To Him be all the glory.

From Galaxy to Moms Together leadership, from Community Service Initiative to teaching Orbit (the Sunday morning kids program at church), from Beth Moore's study of Daniel to couple's small group, from two weddings to visitors in our home, from a trip to Seattle to Rodeo Bible Camp and Kidz Kamp, this has been a whirlwind of a few months. I don't think I've ever been this busy. I felt energized by much of it and exhausted and exasperated at other times. Working with others, planning, administrating, problem solving, teaching, studying, learning, helping, loving and seeing God do His thing are all such a blessing. It is worth the loss of down times and a clean house at times. I am so thankful that He has a calling for me. And He has a calling for you! Are you living in it? : )

He sustained me miraculously through this 3 months. And when I pulled into the drive on Friday evening after Kidz Kamp that was the finish line. I was finished with the marathon. I actually have a break for a bit. Whew. His provisions and protections over me were so obvious. I was sustained through the finish...but now comes some mandatory rest. I woke up Saturday morning with a double sinus and ear infection. Being the "anti-antibiotics" girl that I am, (which is a whole other soap box that we won't engage in today), I started hitting the natural remedies I have in my cabinet. I can tell that the lack or rest in my life is preventing me from bouncing out of this quickly. I am thankful that The Prairie Daddy is willing to give me some extra rest and take The Prairie Kid out with him some.

Even though I have a fever, headache, and feel overall lousy, I am still basking in the glory of the Lord. He is so good. So faithful. So trustworthy. He is gracious, merciful, powerful, mighty and victorious. There are songs of praises continually pouring for from my mouth, heart, and spirit. Who am I that He wants to be friends with me? I am no one...He is everything. Oh how thankful I am.

Lord, thank You so much for including us in Your plans. I adore You. Whatever You have for me, I am willing!


Amanda said...

You're the Woman! I feel absolutely
lazy compared to your energy and drive. Way to go!

Prairie Mama said...

Amanda...I didn't have a full time job this year! I couldn't do what you did going to school every day! : )

Beck said...

Yay God! I love how he takes our limited resources and blesses and multiplies them.

erin said...

Whew! Busy girl! I am impressed.

Also, I'm doing the Daniel Bible study, too! So interesting...

Can you send me a list of your natural remedies? We're trying to stay off the drugs, too, so I'd love to read all that you've learned.