Thursday, May 15, 2008

For My Mom: A Not-So-Easy Easy Task

My mom requested that I get an updated picture of The Prairie Kid for a new frame she has for the grandsons. She has patiently waited and finally I got around to snapping some shots today. However, something happened. The Easy-To-Take-Pictures-Of Prairie Kid has transformed into the Sticking Out The Tongue, Spitting, Obnoxious-While-Getting-Pictures-Taken Prairie Kid. It was really fun. Obviously I have some good shots of the attempt to get a framable picture. I am not so sure we actually captured THE framable picture, however knowing that my mom isn't nearly as picky as me she'll probably be happy with what we got. So, put your seat belts on and enjoy the following Picture-Picking Ride.
The Tongue-Spitting Pose

The Super Smile

Loooooooo-Loooooo Loooooo

Hee Hee Heee, You Can't Get A Good Picture Of Meeee

Deer In The Headlights

Practicing to be a Lazy Teenager

So, there are the pictures that I will NOT let my mom put in the frame. There are two that I think might work. There is one major problem with one of the choices: I am in the picture. So, I jumped onto the handy-dandy FREE Gimp2 photo editing software and, well, axed myself. Okay, technically I didn't use an ax. I used the color-selector tool and then gently airbrushed myself away. Man, I wish I could airbrush myself for real.

The Headless Mommy

Then I used the cropping tool...and voila...a Framable.

But this next one is really my favorite...

Mom, I hope you enjoy these because I had to bribe him to "cooperate" (which we now know wasn't very effective) with a new book I had just gotten for him and if you want more pictures taken I will have to visit again.

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