Monday, May 19, 2008

A Sunday Drive

Yesterday we decided to go on a little adventure in the car. One of our favorite "dates" is to go for a drive. We originally were going to leave The Prairie Kid with Auntie, however after church and lunch The Prairie Kid was so tired that we thought it would be pretty mean of us to dump our crabby kid on someone else. So, we trusted that he would nap in the car for a good portion of the drive.

There are two forks of the Shoshone River that feed Buffalo Bill Reservoir. One is the North fork, which leads you to the East entrance of Yellowstone National Park. The other, the South fork, has a road that dead ends at the base of beautiful, rugged mountains and branches out into trails. It takes about an hour to drive to the end of the road from town. Here is a clip looking around a few miles before the end of the road.

A little ways past this point we spotted some big horn sheep. There were so many of them right off the road. What a treat! We stopped and watched for a bit. We were amazed at how many rams there were...about 20. And we did see one baby.

At the end of the road you park at the trail heads and see this big sign. Comforting, eh?

The Prairie Kid was glad to get out of the car (he didn't sleep nearly as long as we thought he would so he was sick of driving). There was a lot of water coming down from the mountains so he had a blast throwing rocks. I had a little clip of that but I couldn't get it uploaded for some reason.

On our way out we saw this grass snake in the road.

It was a fun trip and a beautiful day. I continually feel blessed to live in such a beautiful area of Wyoming. People from all over the world travel to visit this area...and we get to call it home.

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